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Open Access Colonoscopy


Your health is our #1 priority. In our commitment to the prevention of colon cancer, the doctors at Digestive Disorders Associates offer patients the option of OPEN ACCESS COLONOSCOPY  at Maryland Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endo Center.


What is open access colonoscopy?

Open Access allows you or your referring physician to schedule a screening colonoscopy without a prior full gastrointestinal consultation with one of our specialists. Open Access is appropriate for healthy patients who need a routine screening colonoscopy and whohave no serious medical conditions. (Patients with medical issues are advised to meet with one of our doctors for a consultation and detailed history to ensure that it is safe for the patient to have a colonoscopy.)

Who’s eligible for OPEN ACCESS?

  • OPEN ACCESS is recommended for asymptomatic healthy individuals over 50 (45 or older if you are African American)
  • Individuals with a family history of colon cancer should begin them 10 years prior to the first diagnosis in the family (if your relative was diagnosed at 48, begin screenings at 39)
  • Any individual with a personal history of colon cancer or colon polyps

You or your physician can Contact Us to schedule your screening colonoscopy procedure. We will then expedite all the necessary paperwork, insurance authorization (if required) and preparation for the screening colonoscopy. We will require physician notes and a medication list to rule out any condition that may result in a pre-visit prior to this procedure.

Please understand, Open Access is not a substitute for a physician consultation. If you have underlying GI issues, such as abdominal pain or change in bowel habits this exam may not be well suited for you and it would be in your best interest to have an initial consultation with one of our specialists.

Early Detection

In offering our Open Access Scheduling we hope to encourage more patients to schedule a screening colonoscopy. Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in both men and women so it’s critically important to be proactive in early detection of this disease. Colon cancer is treatable and beatable if found early!

Regular screenings

  • Can detect cancers at an early stage where the cancer is most curable and preventable.
  • May detect pre-cancerous polyps. Removal of these polyps in early stages may prevent cancer from developing.

Early detection is the key to saving lives. While colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States for men and women it can be one of the most preventable cancers and most curable when detected at an early stage.

For more information about open access colonoscopy and scheduling your screening, call the Maryland Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endo Center in Annapolis, MD today at (410) 224-3636!

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